Founded in 1952, FOUNDRY is the first journal on foundry technology in China. It is Chinese Core Journal, Source Journal for Chinese Scientific Paper Statistics, US Chemical Abstract (CA) Source Journal, and Chinese Science and Technology Literature Database Source Journal and has been indexed by more than 20 databases at home and abroad.
    China Foundry
    Founded in 2004, China Foundry is the only and sole English scientific journal in Chinese foundry industry. Targeting at foreigners, it has been distributed to more than 50 countries and regions. The magazine has been indexed by many internationally renowned databases such as SCI Expanded, Elsevier Scopus, Chemical Abstracts (CA), Cambridge Science Abstracts (CSA) and Abstract Journal (AJ).
    DIE-CASTING was founded in 1987. This newspaper based on the die casting industry, published at home and abroad to die casting alloy materials, die-casting equipment, raw and auxiliary materials and die casting processing research, development and production application articles and practical case studies, reported in the field of domestic and foreign die casting enterprises, markets, products and research aspects of dynamic, objective, fair and in-depth reporting is influential and representative enterprise management way of business, technology and product information published at home and abroad.
    Foundry World Report
    Founded in 1985, Foundry World Report adhered to the policy of "serving the four modernization, revitalizing foundry, facing enterprises and workers" at the beginning of its establishment, and positioned itself as a window of foundry information and a good friend of readers.
    METAL AP Newspaper
    In order to help enterprises to get more insights about potential chances in ASEAN and reach target customers efficiently, organizer of Asia-Pacific Metal Industry Exhibition (METAL AP), on basis of service efforts accumulated for years in ASEAN, officially launches METAL AP Newspaper since year 2020. The newspaper focuses on die casting, foundry and related metal processing industries. Each issue will also be made in English. E-newspaper is available for free after subscription. The main content covers industry news, popular technologies, product launch, brand promotion, policy and regulation, buying leads, sales agency wanted, etc. We are committed to building a solid platform based on advanced technologies, equipment and products for cooperation, communication and information.
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