Academic and Technical Exchanges

Since FICMES establishment in 1962, the Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES) has been committed to the development of Chinese foundry industry, constantly strengthening communication and cooperation with foundry organizations around the world, and has carried out various academic and technical communication activities in China. These activities mainly include: China Foundry Congress, China International Die Casting Congress and special communication activities, National Foundry Academic Conference, World Foundry Congress, Asian Foundry Conference, WFO International Forum on Moulding Materials and Casting Technologies, WFO Cast Iron & Cast Steel Technology Forum, etc.

The first China Foundry Congress was held in2000.

Nearly 20 years later, it has developed into a comprehensive service platform and yearly festival for Chinese foundry industry integrating academi discussion,technical exchange, corporate management and practice,science and technology achievement presentation,recognition and awards, domestic and international exchange as well as economic and trade cooperation.Each year the congress gathers industry experts,including academicians and professors from various universities and research institutions, corporate technicians and managers, to show and exchange their research results and progress.


China International Die Casting Congress & China

Symposium on Nonferrous Alloys and Special Casting

Technologies is an international platform for technical and practical application exchanges. It focuses on the exchange of academic and technological frontiers and industry development status, prospects the future trend, and shares cutting-edge innovative technology,to promote technical exchange and cooperation at home and abroad.

The National Foundry Academic Conference is held

quadrennially by FICMES. The conference mainly focuses on the following aspects; summarizes and assesses development of Chinese foundry industry during last four years and makes the long-term development plan, analyzes problems in production and operation to guide enterprises to adjust product structure and market development direction, and promotes the updated scientific research achievement and applied technology.