The 15thCasting Process Design Competition will be officially launched
Time:2023-08-15   Hits:1951

Mechanical Engineering Innovation Competition China: Casting Process Design Competition ( CPDC in short ) hosted by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and organized by Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, aims to provide a social practice platform for students majoring in material processing and control engineering, encourage college students to actively track technological development, learn casting expertise, improve casting process design and operation skills, and cultivate outstanding professionals for the foundry industry.

After 14 sessions, the level and influence of CPDC have been continuously improved since the first held in 2009. At present, more than 25,000 students from more than 150 colleges and universities have participated in CPDC which has been selected in the “National College Student Competition Analysis Report” for three consecutive years.

The 15th CPDC will be officially launched in Sepember 2023.At present, CPDC Executive Committee has collected and reviewed the topics,  looking forward to your attention.