2017 WFO International Forum on Moulding Materials and Casting Technologies
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2017 MMC Forum call for Papers

WFO Moulding Materials Commissionwill host the 2017 WFO International Forum on MouldingMaterials and Casting Technologies(MMC Forum) in November, 2017 in Incheon, Korea. It will be anotherhigh level international congress on moulding materials since the 2015 MMC Forum in Changsha, Chinain2015.

2017 MMC Forum will be hostedconcurrently with the 14th Asian Foundry Congress in Korea. The Forum willgather the world leading researchers in the area of moulding materials tocommunicate and discuss on new material, new technology, new equipment, and predictthe future development direction of mouldingmaterials. The Secretariat of WFOMoulding Materials Commission is keen to invite papers for presentation duringtheForum.


  • Raw sands(silica sand and non-silicasands)

  • Clay bonded sand (Green sand)

  • Sodium silicate bonded sand(CO2gas cured, organic ester cured)

  • Resin bonded sand (furan, phenolaldehyde, urethane and coated resin sand,coated sand)

  • Coatings

  • New moulding materials and theirapplications

  • Perspective of development trend onmoulding materials’ marketing

  • Moulding and core making technologiesand equipment

  • Sand preparation technologies andequipment

  • Sand reclamation technologies andequipment

  • Green, digitalized andinformationized casting technologies

  • Market forecast and businessmanagement

  • Energy saving and environmentalprotection technologies

  • Others

Rules for authors

1.Papers submitted must beoriginal and have never been published. The subject must be of interest to aninternational audience.

2.The paper must be written andpresented in English with Word for Windows.

3.The content of the papershould include title, abstract, key words,introduction,main body, condusion,and references.

4.Authors’ information shouldinclude the brief introduction of the first author, detailed address, telephoneand Email.


Important dates

Abstract: Authors are requested to submit abstracts to zcy@foundryworld.com by June 30, 2017. The abstractsshould be limited to 500 words with no graphs or pictures.


Full papers: Full papers must be submitted by Aug.31, 2017. Themanuscripts will be revised by the Scientific Committee, and the acceptedpapers will be included in the Proceedings of the Forum.



Secretariatof WFO Moulding Materials Commission

Ms. Zhang Chunyan

Tel: 86-24-25852311-209



Ms. Wang Yunxia

Tel: 86-24-25852311-307


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